​Who We are
 Bloom Business School “BBS” is a training institution in Egypt established in 2018, specializing in providing MBA and DBA degrees from international universities and Swiss business schools which are accredited by highly ranked and reputable global and European associations. 
BBS also provides training courses and programmes in business life for different segments and sectors. Our programmes are directed at both soft and professional skills, taking into consideration the latest & highest global standards of teaching and training, taking care to ensure saving the best training environment and tools for our participants by a selective team of instructors and professors. 
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Co Founder & CEO's Word

Investors nowadays invade the global business and affect the economy movements among countries. Thus, scaling up your knowledge by learning different aspects in business, allow you to change your ordinary business life info high quality and achievements. 

Since human beings learn until end of life, we have the honour to bring you all what you need to understand business life's terminologies and 
needs which make you create strategic ideas, manage several scopes, and make your very important decisions at your life.

Mary Louis
Co Founder & CEO
Bloom Business School (BBS)
Cairo- Egypt
[email protected]
[email protected]


Our Mission

​​Our Vision

​​To provide MBA and DBA programs, leadership , soft skills and specialized programmes of exceptional quality through  selective  professionals within the best environment and tools to empower the learners to achieve their highest potential.
To be the leader in developing  corporates and individuals  in thier business challenges across border

Bloom's   Professors & Programs' Tutors

  1. Prof. Dr.
    Prof. Dr.
    Raafat Shehata
    Professor of marketing and Management at several international British and American universities and institutions with comprehensive knowledge of modern management techniques and its applications into business practices, coupled with in depth expertise in several sectors Dr. Raafat is a management and marketing consultant and a trainer who has been presenting customized interactive workshops since 1997 to audiences in different sectors. In the area of consultancy, Raafat has served as a psychologist, personality profiler and management consultant for major players in the Building & Construction, Banking,Pharmaceutical,Food Production & Service, Agriculture and other sectors where he was managing different processes and targeting a diversified customer-base. In addition he works as a part time trainer teaching management and marketing in AUC ,Arab academy of science and technology ,American Chamber of Commerce and Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) He holds DBA degree in management from Denmark
  2. Dr. Khaled Salem
    Dr. Khaled Salem
    Dr. Khaled has obtained his Professional Doctorate in Management, Marketing Management (PDM) from (ISMS).He is certified Marketing Professional (CMP), and Certified International Customer Service Professional (CICSP) from (ACI), the American Certification Institute – USA.Besides being a Marketing and Management Lecturer at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (ACSTMT), Dr. Khaled delivered during the past 20 years, many lectures, training courses and workshops, and was a B2B/B2C Marketing and Management Consultant for local and international companies in Egypt, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Qatar.
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